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Edinburgh City Korfball Club compete in the Scottish Korfball League. We are Scotland's oldest korfball club and 6 time champions.

Korfball: A New Hope

Edinburgh City KC held their Beginner Session on Saturday 13th January and we’re pleased to say it was a great success.

beginners1The hall at Oriam was full of people giving korfball a go! With over 30 in attendance, with some help from players already at the club, the newcomers were put through a crash course in korfball.


Starting with some shooting drills, players were invited to try their hand at scoring in a variety of ways, before being introduced to one of korfball’s unique rules and practicing how to ‘defend’ the opposition.


A quick demonstration match was staged in order to show what they were about to be asked to recreate, but all of the participants took to korfball like ducks to water! It was fantastic to see the goals flying in and we’re certainly hopeful of seeing many of the attendees back at training over the coming weeks!


Don’t worry if you weren’t able to attend our Beginner Session, we welcome new players throughout the year and if you were interested in giving korfball a go you can email

Beginner Session – Saturday 12th January

Edinburgh City are delighted to announce another free beginner session, aimed at introducing newcomers to korfball, the club and perhaps even sport in general!


We will be holding a training session at Oriam, Heriot-Watt University from 16:30 until 18:30, as well as being completely free… one attendee will win a seasons free membership!



For a quick introduction to korfball, this video is great for breaking down the rules.
To register your interest and to make sure you keep up to date on all of the news, you can head to the Facebook event and click ‘Interested’ here.


If you want to know more, please feel free to contact Daniel Pratt at

Firsts remain unbeaten, battle to victory!

Edinburgh City 1 (21) – (8) Saint Andrews 1

After the 3s put on a great performance, it was up to the 1s to put on a show for the crowd gathered at Leith Academy. They didn’t disappoint!

Making their season debuts for the 1s were Michael Garbutt, Naobh O’Donaghue and Ella Paul (more from her later!). City got off to a flying start, with plenty of shots and a healthy advantage in rebounding it wasn’t long before the hosts had built themselves a comfortable lead.


The starting boys all got themselves double-figure rebounds with Jacky Mo having a monster game grabbing 20 of them! With the rebounds being handled, Ella Paul was free to fire away and she certainly did, scoring a personal record 8 goals in the match and earning the MVP award.

The display from the team was fantastic on both ends of the court, with a high-pressure defence forcing 32 turnovers, and the side would take great confidence into the match against Glasgow.


Players (Goals): Daniel Pratt (5), Michael Garbutt, Emma Cottell, Heather Mackintosh (3), Clive Minshull (2), Katrina Caldwell, Ella Paul (8), Naobh O’Donaghue, David Ewing (2), Jacky Mo (1), Finlay Hannah, Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver

MVP: Ella Paul


Edinburgh City 1 (16) – (13) Glasgow 1

After a comfortable first match City were prepared for a much tighter contest against Glasgow 1, although maybe not quite prepared for the manner in which the match began.

Laura de Nooij managed to finally make her 1s debut, arriving after being treated for a wild cat attack but she regained her composure to help the team to victory.


Both teams were matched well, but with the key difference being City’s superior shooting stats. In the first half the citizens shot 4x better than their opponents and this lead to a 10-2 lead at half time.

Daniel Pratt was channeling his inner-Westbrook and stuffing the stat sheet with 3 goals (60% shooting), 3 assists, 4 steals and 13 rebounds in only 22 minutes of action.


The second half began well again with Laura de Nooij and Ella Paul getting 7 goals between them, but with the scores at 11-4, Glasgow really began to dominate the rebound battle eventually finishing incredibly lopsided at 48-73 in favour of Glasgow.

This gave them a bit of a foothold in the match, but City stayed calm and continued to score well pushing the score out to 15-7 with 10 minutes left. Daniel Pratt and Dave Ewing came off and the substitutions seemed to throw the balance of the team, with City then finishing off the match on a 1-6 run to leave the final scores far closer than they deserved to be at 16-13.


Nevertheless, it’s another win for the 1s and maintains their unbeaten start to the season with 4 wins from 4. Next up will be the true test of how far the team has come, with defending champions Mavericks 1 on the horizon!


Players (Goals): Daniel Pratt (4), Michael Garbutt, Emma Cottell (1), Heather Mackintosh, Clive Minshull (2), Katrina Caldwell (1), Ella Paul (3), Naobh O’Donaghue, David Ewing (1), Jacky Mo, Finlay Hannah, Andrea Kinver, Laura de Nooij (4)

MVP: Daniel Pratt


Thirds pick up another 2 points!

Edinburgh City 3 (17) – (2) Saint Andrews 2

The thirds were in action this weekend, facing off against Strathclyde 1 who are looking like champions-to-be. But the first match was against Saint Andrews 2, the team that the 3s picked up their first ever win against just a few weeks ago.

City got off to a cracking start with Andrea Kinver hitting her first two shots of the game before Naobh O’Donaghue scored her first of three goals. There was some fantastic play from our Citizens, with plenty of strong rebounding and second-chance opportunities, the home team played out the first half well, going in to the break 7-1 up.

The second half continued in the same vein as the first, except our shooting percentage increased and almost the whole squad got on to the scoresheet! Some slick play from Maria Hantova found her grabbing a couple of goals from close distance and captain Vivek Santayana converted from the spot.

With the team cruising to victory, there was a slight sour note towards the end of the game when Lauren Halkerston was forced off with a knee injury. The initial reports are that it’s not too serious and we hope she’s back on court in the near future.  The final whistle blew and the 3s had their second victory of the season, winning 17-2!


Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver (4), Andrew Goode (1), Chris Brown (1), Lauren Halkerston (2), Maria Hantova (2), Naobh O’Donaghue (3), Rob Harding (1), Simon Vandeiken (2), Vivek Santayana (1)

MVP: Lauren Halkerston


Edinburgh City 3 (4) – (17) Strathclyde 1

As expected, this match was never going to be easy. The early play was pretty even with both sides trading goals but at 4-2 Strathclyde changed gears and really began to pull away from the hosts.

Naobh O’Donaghue grabbed another hat-trick with Andrea Kinver getting the only other goal for City, but Strathclyde were much too strong in every department. Led by match MVP Ross Fraser who dropped in 5 goals for the winners, Strathclyde took the 2 points with a 17-4 victory.


Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver (1), Andrew Goode, Chris Brown, Lauren Halkerston, Maria Hantova, Naobh O’Donaghue (3), Rob Harding, Simon Vandeiken, Vivek Santayana

MVP: Naobh O’Donaghue

Seconds run rampant in Dundee

Edinburgh City 2 (22) vs (8) Dundee 3

The 2nds travelled to Dundee this weekend, taking along with them Elly Gaunt who we haven’t seen for a little while. Along with Elly, Laura de Nooij was making her debut for the club and got off to a great start with 15 goals across the day!

City 2 started the game patiently, lots of shots were going up but it took a little time for them to find their flow, at half time the score was 9-5. But the second half saw the Citizens really find their groove, every player in the squad found the basket and the passing moves were a marvel to watch.

Players (Goals): Andrew Goode (1), Bob Mather (2), Chris Horsely (2), Elly Gaunt (3), Katrina Caldwell (4), Laura de Nooij (7), Lauren Halkerston (1), Michael Garbutt (1), Rob Stone (1)

MVP: Laura de Nooij


Edinburgh City 2 (22) vs (0) Saint Andrews 2

The second match was against Saints 2 and our Citizens put on a really dominant display here. The team managed to set an SKL2 record with their 22 goals winning margin, beating the Strathclyde result (21-1) against the same team earlier this season.

Michael Garbutt managed to get his 7 goals playing only 5 minutes of the second-half, in a Steph Curry-esque display, Michael could hardly miss! It was another great team display saw goals from all around the team with every player this weekend got themselves at least 2 goals.

Special praise was given to Rob Stone who was an absolute pest on defence winning many interceptions, dominating the rebound and dishing out some great assists.

After last week’s first win of the season, it looks as though City 2 have really built on the foundations they laid in those matches. Long may their rise continue and we eagerly await their next fixtures on the 2nd December where they’ll face off against Edinburgh University 2s and 3s.

Players (Goals): Andrew Goode (1), Bob Mather, Chris Horsely (1), Elly Gaunt (1), Katrina Caldwell (1), Laura de Nooij (8), Lauren Halkerston (1), Michael Garbutt (7), Rob Stone (2)

MVP: Laura de Nooij

Seconds secure first win

Edinburgh City 2 (8) vs Edinburgh University 2 (11)

City 2 took the short trip down to St Leonards to take on Edinburgh University 2 & 3 in an all-Edinburgh clash. The match started slowly for both teams but once the first goal went in, there was a real back and forth battle between the two sides.

The young university side got out to a 2-5 lead but by half time it was all square at 6-6 thanks to a couple of goals each from Finlay Hannah and Naobh O’Donoghue. After the break it was City who scored first with the captain leading the way, Chris Horsley added another to stop the Uni momentum after they scored 3 in a row but with the score at 8-9 it was Edinburgh University who closed the game out strongest with the impressive Frances Waterfall scoring the final goal for Uni.

Players (goals):  Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver, Chris Horsley (3), Finlay Hannah (2), Kitty Dutton, Lauren Halkerston, Michael Garbutt (1), Naobh O’Donoghue (2), Pip Hardy, Simon Vandeiken, Rob Stone, Vivek Santayana.

MVP: Chris Horsley

Edinburgh City 2 (7) vs Edinburgh University 3 (2)

Coach Christie Smillie asked the players to work on their movement and focus on passing as these really held us back in the first match.

The message was slow to sink in though and the first half was really a struggle for both teams. It took until the end of the half for either team to register a goal, with a late Uni penalty and a Lauren Halkerston drop off shot managing to give the scoreboard operator something to do.

The second half saw a lot of improvement, with plenty of Citizens getting on the scoresheet and a far more team-minded approach than had been shown previously. City managed to press ahead into a 6-1 lead before the students scored again. With the match winding down, Vivek Santayana who was making his 2nd team debut popped up in space to score a well deserved goal to end the game at 7-2.

All together not the most convincing display from the team, but the first win of the season will provide a good platform for the players to build from.

Players (goals):  Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver (1), Chris Horsley (1), Finlay Hannah (1), Kitty Dutton (1), Lauren Halkerston (1), Michael Garbutt, Naobh O’Donoghue, Pip Hardy, Simon Vandeiken, Rob Stone (1), Vivek Santayana (1).

MVP: Simon Vandeiken

It’s never too late to try korfball!

In the latest of a series of interviews with our newest Citizens, we’re delighted to introduce Rachel Simpson. We sat down with Rachel this week to talk about how she is settling in and find out a little more about her.

 Hi Rachel, great to see you! Thanks for chatting today, first things first… How did you find out about korfball?

I found out about the club through a former member and university friend. He recently visited Edinburgh and invited me to meet a few team members for a relaxed practice session in the meadows, which was great fun!

You’ve been training for a few weeks now, but what were your first impressions of the club?

Everyone was really friendly, welcoming and relaxed. The group is really varied in terms of both experience and interests, which makes it very inclusive. One of the things that struck me was the spirit of the team; the mixed nature of the sport erases the gender divide, which can often occur in team sports.

It’s great to hear such a positive review of korfball! Have you tried many other sports in the past?

I have always enjoyed getting involved in a variety of sports at different levels. From a young age I swam and played badminton competitively. In later years, I turned my attention to teaching and worked part time as a Swimming Instructor. During my Undergraduate degree, I was also a member of Edinburgh University Swimming and Water Polo Club and enjoy playing tennis in my spare time.

Wow, it seems that you’re a keen athlete! What are your goals and expectations for the season ahead?

In terms of the sport itself, I look forward to improving my play and gaining new skills. The team as a whole are really supportive and Coach Dan is always on hand to help players of all abilities. I’ve also been on a couple of nights out with the team and look forward to getting to know everyone better.

I’m sure the club are also excited to get to know you better too, do you have something interesting that people might not know about you already?

I have had the pleasure of teaching swimming for many years and am regularly inspired by the enthusiasm and talent of many of the young athletes I’ve worked with. They inspire me to try new experiences, push myself outside the comfort zone and explore new opportunities. I am also slightly addicted to cheesecake.

A big fan of cheesecake! Well then, is there anyone at the club would you like to grab some food with?

I wouldn’t want to give too much away but I hear the Tron pub serves great food at 7:30pm every Friday…come along and find out!

We promise we didn’t bribe Rachel for the advertisement there, but it’s a good reminder that the club meet every Friday for a social gathering at The Tron who kindly provide us with some nibbles for the evening!


First win for City 3!

Edinburgh City 3 (9) vs Saint Andrew’s University 2 (0)

The third team got off to a great start on Sunday against Saints 2. An early goal from Alex Johnston put City in the lead, with three more goals secured by half time. In defence, City were strong, keeping the half time score to 4-0.

The second half saw defence staying strong, and lots of shots being put up. Great rebounding meant another five goals were scored, leaving the final score 9-0, and City 3 securing their first win of the season.

Players (goals): Alex Johnston (2), Alex Foster, Chris Brown (1), Craig Salkeld (1), Craig Stephen (2), Kitty Dutton (1), Lauren Kelly (1), Maria Hantova (1), Rachel Simpson

MVP: Craig Stephen

Edinburgh City 3 (4) vs Strathclyde (14)

The second match of the afternoon was expected to be a tough one with Strathclyde coming off a strong win against Saint Andrew’s University 2.

Alex Johnston scored an early penalty to give City the lead, however two goals from Strathclyde followed shortly. A couple of long shots from Kitty Dutton and Craig Stephen meant the half time score was 5-3 to Strathclyde.

Unfortunately, Strathclyde got into their stride after half time and, despite best efforts in defence, scored another 9 goals. A goal from Kitty Dutton left the final score at 14-4 to Strathclyde.

Players (goals): Alex Johnston (1), Alex Foster, Chris Brown, Craig Salkeld, Craig Stephen (1), Kitty Dutton (2), Lauren Kelly, Maria Hantova, Rachel Simpson

MVP: Alex Johnston

City 1 get things rolling with a pair of wins

Edinburgh City 1 (13) vs (7) Edinburgh Mavericks 2

The season for Edinburgh City began on Saturday, with the 1st team facing off against Edinburgh Mavericks 2. The side had been preparing for many weeks for this moment and were keen to get underway.

There was a first SKL1 start for Jacky Mo who celebrated with his first goal for the 1st team too. A slow start to the game with perhaps some signs of nerves meant that the sides went into half-time level at 4-4

The second half saw the Citizens play a more fluid game, with Finlay Hannah playing his role with great effect. Slowly City edged ahead and were able to see the game out comfortably in the end.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver (1), Clive Minshull (3), Dan Pratt (2), Dave Ewing (4), Emma Cottell (1), Finlay Hannah (1), Heather Mackintosh, Jacky Mo (1), Katrina Caldwell.

MVP: Dave Ewing


Edinburgh City 1 (14) vs (11) Edinburgh University 1

The second fixture was a bit of a bruising encounter with a young, hungry Edinburgh University side. City started out strong, gliding to a 5-1 advantage but then tensed up and allowed the opposition to climb their way back into the game with the half time score favouring Edinburgh University 5-6.

The second half started out much the same as the first had, with it being tense and hard-fought. But despite finding themselves a couple of goals down, Dave Ewing put on his shooting boots and dug the team out of trouble finishing with a game-high 8 goals to ensure that Edinburgh City 1 started the season with all 4 points.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver, Clive Minshull (1), Dan Pratt (2), Dave Ewing (8), Emma Cottell (2), Finlay Hannah, Heather Mackintosh, Jacky Mo, Katrina Caldwell (1).

MVP: Dave Ewing

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