Two tough matches for City 2

On Sunday 1 April 2018 Edinburgh City second team had their penultimate match
day in SKL Division 2 2017-2018. Both matches were expected to be challenging
given the Glasgow are undefeated in SKL Div 2 and Edinbugh Uni two are a Uni
team at the peak of their abilities, having recently returned from BUCS.

Edinburgh City 2 5 – 13 Edinburgh Uni 2
Undeterred the team took on Edinburgh Uni two in the first match, in-spite of an early
loss of three goals the club did keep up their challenge and the end of the first half
ended up closer, whilst the second half saw them scoring more goals and conceding
fewer. Unfortunately it was not enough to catch their opponents.

Goals: Chris (2), Lee, Jacky, Natalie

MVP: Chris

Edinburgh City 2 8 – 28 Glasgow 2
The second match did not start well for city, again going a number of goals down
many of which from penalties. The team battled on however and did put in a
respectable number of goals from runners and long shots across the team. Although
special mention to Andrew who made his SKL debut at the matches and scored
against Glasgow.

Goals: Chris (2), Simon (2), Lee, Lauren, Ella, Andrew

MVP: Chris
Ultimately city made a good account of themselves against arguably the two best
teams in the Division, which should see them playing confidently at the SKL finals
weekend 7 April 2018

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