Edinburgh City make 2nd signing of the transfer window with Vivek Santayana

Edinburgh City KC announced today that they have signed top University prospect Vivek Santayana to a full senior contract. He follows Becca Cheape from Edinburgh University and will link up with the team after spending last season training and learning with the Citizens.


The media team caught up with Vivek at the training ground to discuss how he felt about his transfer, thoughts on the season ahead, as well as reflect on his EUKC career.

When asked what it was that drew him to choose Edinburgh City this season, Vivek responded “I can feel at this stage that the time is right to move clubs. I think that my goals are now different to the whippersnappers at Edinburgh University, even though I am still a student and can play for the University, I much prefer the more balanced pace at Edinburgh City.”

Having trained with both the University side and Edinburgh City last season, Vivek had already been a part of the club and acknowledged that was a large factor in making the switch this season. “I also have many friends who play for City, and the club has always been warm and welcoming of me, odd personality and all, when I was both an interloper at training and a moonlighting member for a season.”


When asked about what he hoped to accomplish in the year ahead, Vivek said “To get better at korfball and at everything else. I like training and playing because it gives me clear, achievable goals and measures for progress, and a real sense of being invested in getting better. I want to work on my fitness as well as skill, and maybe finally start sinking goals rather than bouncing off the rim all the time.” He also felt that korfball would continue off the court and added “Hopefully with this rigour and focus in korfball it will feed other aspects of my life.”

Finally, Vivek noted that with the switch of clubs he had something new to look forward to “I am looking forward to being part of the team in earnest and to play alongside my friends whom, in the last season, I had played against.”


Training is back under way now and with the start of the season not too far in the distance it really is a time where Vivek, along with the rest of the club, are really getting excited to get back on court as well as continuing to build the social scene off-court too!

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