Catch up with Chris Brown, who discovered korfball at last month’s beginners session!

Following on from Edinburgh City’s beginner session in August, we will be catching up with some of our newest recruits in a series of interviews.

The first of these is with Chris Brown who has kindly sat down with us to talk about how he is settling in after attending the beginner session.

 Hi Chris, welcome to the club and thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! Firstly, can you tell us about your thoughts on the beginner session?

Very enjoyable! Despite being exhausted at the end of the long session, I didn’t want to stop playing. There were a lot of rules to get to grips with all at once which was a little confusing but by the end I feel I had a good grasp of them.”

We’re glad to hear you picked up the rules fairly quickly. Where did you hear about the club and the event?

“I was invited to come along to the beginner session by my work colleague at Analog Devices, Michael ‘Mike’ Garbutt. I have recently started a full time position after completing a placement there last year.”

(Mike Garbutt joined Edinburgh City last season after graduating from university.)

What were your first impressions of korfball, and of the club?

“Prior to being introduced to the sport by Mike, I hadn’t heard of korfball. It seemed to be fairly similar to netball and basketball but it manages to present a unique and interesting challenge.

I like aspects such as the defended rule which help to make the sport more about skill and less about physical attributes. The club seems to be well organised and there is an overall passion for the sport which is great to see.”

We don’t want to keep you too long, so a final question for you. What was it that kept you coming back after the beginner session?

“Although I dedicate a lot of time to the sport of cycling which is my primary focus, I was keen to join the club to undertake something a bit different and to have fun. As I’ve attended more sessions I have got an impression of just how technical the sport is and I would love to develop as a player. So far I have enjoyed every session and I’m sure I will continue to do so.”


If you are interested in coming along to give korfball a go, any members are always welcome and you can details on training times here or if you want to get in touch please email Daniel Pratt for more details.


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