Alex discovers korfball! Rejoice!

Following on from Edinburgh City’s beginner session in August, we will be catching up with some of our newest recruits in a series of interviews.

After Chris Brown’s initial interview, we put our questions to another new member Alex Foster.

Hi Alex, thanks for agreeing to answer some questions for us today! Firstly, can you tell us about your thoughts on the beginner session?

I really enjoyed the beginner session. I particularly liked how welcoming everyone was and especially how us newcomers were eased into the session.

Well we always like positive feedback! *blushes* Where did you hear about the beginner session?

 I saw the event on Meetup and it looked like something I wanted to give a try.

(We have quite a few members who have found us through Meetup now.)

What were your first impressions of korfball, and of the club?

I had never heard of korfball before finding the session on Meetup but I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone at the club was very friendly and I from the start, I got the impression that the club was well organised. After the beginner session I did some reading on the origins of Korfball and as a sport it was very appealing.

Seems like you were pretty keen to continue, was there anything in particular that kept you coming back after the beginner session?

The main reason I kept coming back was because I really enjoyed the beginner session. I enjoyed each regular training session too. The fact that I was a complete novice and hadn’t played any ball sports since high school didn’t matter and I liked the fact Korfball is a growing sport and certain aspects of the game are quite unique.


If you are interested in coming along to give korfball a go, new members are always welcome and you can details on training times here or if you want to get in touch please email Daniel Pratt for more details.


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