A tough start for City 2

Edinburgh City 2 (11) vs (16) Glasgow 2

A bit of a miscommunication meant that Edinburgh City 2 only had 3 girls make it to Glasgow for the opening weekend. Playing with a division of 3 was always going to be a tough ask against what will likely be two of the top teams in SKL2 this season.

The team made a great start to the game, coming back from 2-0 down to lead 4-2 with a couple of goals each from Chris Horsley and Ailith Ewing. But Glasgow 2 started to make the pressure pay, Fraser Brown making his Glasgow debut managed to get a hat-trick and Pat Merton a regular in Glasgow’s first team caused plenty of problems for the defence.

The match was a very back and forth affair with lots of goals traded but the match ended 16-11 to the hosts. Unfortunately the match was interrupted with an injury to Bob McKinley and Edinburgh City wishes him a speedy recovery.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing (2), Alex Johnston, Andrew Goode, Anna Stewart (2), Bob Mather, Chris Horsley (3), Katrina Caldwell (2), Lee Brodie (1), Michael Garbutt (1)

MVP: Katrina Caldwell


Edinburgh City 2 (5) vs (21) Strathclyde University 1

The second match of the afternoon was a tough affair, going into a back-to-back match shorthanded was never going to be easy but the Strathclyde side were looking in great form and really found their scoring areas well.

The match again started brightly with a few early goals, but tiredness very quickly set in and Strathclyde were able to pull away to a comfortable lead at half-time. Unfortunately for City, we lost another girl shortly into the second half with Anna Stewart going down with a bad ankle injury which we hope doesn’t keep her out for too long.

With 6 players City just couldn’t contain Strathclyde and they pulled away, led by a huge 9 goals from Ross McGuinness. The final score finishing 21-5, some key areas to improve on for City, but a good platform to build from and the Citizens will be hoping to fair better in the rematch later on in the season.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Alex Johnston (1), Andrew Goode, Anna Stewart (2), Bob Mather (2), Chris Horsley, Katrina Caldwell, Lee Brodie, Michael Garbutt

MVP: Katrina Caldwell


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