City 1 get things rolling with a pair of wins

Edinburgh City 1 (13) vs (7) Edinburgh Mavericks 2

The season for Edinburgh City began on Saturday, with the 1st team facing off against Edinburgh Mavericks 2. The side had been preparing for many weeks for this moment and were keen to get underway.

There was a first SKL1 start for Jacky Mo who celebrated with his first goal for the 1st team too. A slow start to the game with perhaps some signs of nerves meant that the sides went into half-time level at 4-4

The second half saw the Citizens play a more fluid game, with Finlay Hannah playing his role with great effect. Slowly City edged ahead and were able to see the game out comfortably in the end.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver (1), Clive Minshull (3), Dan Pratt (2), Dave Ewing (4), Emma Cottell (1), Finlay Hannah (1), Heather Mackintosh, Jacky Mo (1), Katrina Caldwell.

MVP: Dave Ewing


Edinburgh City 1 (14) vs (11) Edinburgh University 1

The second fixture was a bit of a bruising encounter with a young, hungry Edinburgh University side. City started out strong, gliding to a 5-1 advantage but then tensed up and allowed the opposition to climb their way back into the game with the half time score favouring Edinburgh University 5-6.

The second half started out much the same as the first had, with it being tense and hard-fought. But despite finding themselves a couple of goals down, Dave Ewing put on his shooting boots and dug the team out of trouble finishing with a game-high 8 goals to ensure that Edinburgh City 1 started the season with all 4 points.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver, Clive Minshull (1), Dan Pratt (2), Dave Ewing (8), Emma Cottell (2), Finlay Hannah, Heather Mackintosh, Jacky Mo, Katrina Caldwell (1).

MVP: Dave Ewing

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