First win for City 3!

Edinburgh City 3 (9) vs Saint Andrew’s University 2 (0)

The third team got off to a great start on Sunday against Saints 2. An early goal from Alex Johnston put City in the lead, with three more goals secured by half time. In defence, City were strong, keeping the half time score to 4-0.

The second half saw defence staying strong, and lots of shots being put up. Great rebounding meant another five goals were scored, leaving the final score 9-0, and City 3 securing their first win of the season.

Players (goals): Alex Johnston (2), Alex Foster, Chris Brown (1), Craig Salkeld (1), Craig Stephen (2), Kitty Dutton (1), Lauren Kelly (1), Maria Hantova (1), Rachel Simpson

MVP: Craig Stephen

Edinburgh City 3 (4) vs Strathclyde (14)

The second match of the afternoon was expected to be a tough one with Strathclyde coming off a strong win against Saint Andrew’s University 2.

Alex Johnston scored an early penalty to give City the lead, however two goals from Strathclyde followed shortly. A couple of long shots from Kitty Dutton and Craig Stephen meant the half time score was 5-3 to Strathclyde.

Unfortunately, Strathclyde got into their stride after half time and, despite best efforts in defence, scored another 9 goals. A goal from Kitty Dutton left the final score at 14-4 to Strathclyde.

Players (goals): Alex Johnston (1), Alex Foster, Chris Brown, Craig Salkeld, Craig Stephen (1), Kitty Dutton (2), Lauren Kelly, Maria Hantova, Rachel Simpson

MVP: Alex Johnston

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