It’s never too late to try korfball!

In the latest of a series of interviews with our newest Citizens, we’re delighted to introduce Rachel Simpson. We sat down with Rachel this week to talk about how she is settling in and find out a little more about her.

 Hi Rachel, great to see you! Thanks for chatting today, first things first… How did you find out about korfball?

I found out about the club through a former member and university friend. He recently visited Edinburgh and invited me to meet a few team members for a relaxed practice session in the meadows, which was great fun!

You’ve been training for a few weeks now, but what were your first impressions of the club?

Everyone was really friendly, welcoming and relaxed. The group is really varied in terms of both experience and interests, which makes it very inclusive. One of the things that struck me was the spirit of the team; the mixed nature of the sport erases the gender divide, which can often occur in team sports.

It’s great to hear such a positive review of korfball! Have you tried many other sports in the past?

I have always enjoyed getting involved in a variety of sports at different levels. From a young age I swam and played badminton competitively. In later years, I turned my attention to teaching and worked part time as a Swimming Instructor. During my Undergraduate degree, I was also a member of Edinburgh University Swimming and Water Polo Club and enjoy playing tennis in my spare time.

Wow, it seems that you’re a keen athlete! What are your goals and expectations for the season ahead?

In terms of the sport itself, I look forward to improving my play and gaining new skills. The team as a whole are really supportive and Coach Dan is always on hand to help players of all abilities. I’ve also been on a couple of nights out with the team and look forward to getting to know everyone better.

I’m sure the club are also excited to get to know you better too, do you have something interesting that people might not know about you already?

I have had the pleasure of teaching swimming for many years and am regularly inspired by the enthusiasm and talent of many of the young athletes I’ve worked with. They inspire me to try new experiences, push myself outside the comfort zone and explore new opportunities. I am also slightly addicted to cheesecake.

A big fan of cheesecake! Well then, is there anyone at the club would you like to grab some food with?

I wouldn’t want to give too much away but I hear the Tron pub serves great food at 7:30pm every Friday…come along and find out!

We promise we didn’t bribe Rachel for the advertisement there, but it’s a good reminder that the club meet every Friday for a social gathering at The Tron who kindly provide us with some nibbles for the evening!


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