All 3 teams in action! Match reports: 24-03-19

We’re bringing you a roundup of the weekend’s games with all 3 teams in action on Sunday it was a busy day for the club.


The 1s had a short trip to QMU in an all-Edinburgh clash, with league leaders Mavericks and Edinburgh University being the opposition.


Edinburgh City 1 (36) v (3) Edinburgh University 1

The first match of the day was against the University team and after a bit of a slow scoring start, City really put on a show. Ella Paul and Laura de Nooij really clicked, scoring 7 goals each and were always dangerous. Down the other end, Dave Ewing was breaking records again, scoring a massive 12 goals! The fine shooting display marks a new high in SKA history and he’s certainly living up to the “Shooter Dave” moniker he earned in his Saints days.

The 36-3 result also broke a couple of records for City, being the highest ever margin of victory (33) and the highest ever goal tally (36), so it really was a complete team performance. Clive Minshull also put in a real shift, playing just the second half he managed a huge 27 rebounds and a City record 10 assists!

Scorers: Laura de Nooij (7), Ella Paul (7), David Ewing (12), Daniel Pratt (4), Heather Mackintosh (3), Jacky Mo (2), Emma Cottell (1)

MVP: David Ewing


Edinburgh City 1 (12) v (24) Edinburgh Mavericks 1

Taking on the defending champions and current league-leaders was not going to be an easy task but the City 1s were hoping to put on a better showing than the last time the teams met (a 21-9 loss).

Mavericks started out well, creating chances with their rapid ball movement but City were able to stay with them after earning and scoring penalties in both sections to leave the scores at 3-5 after the opening 10 minutes. However, Mavs showed just why they are running away with the league again this season with some slick passing and precise shooting and pulled away to a 5-12 lead at half time.

The second half was a similar affair to the first, with City showing good signs in attack but Mavericks being far more consistent. The game was slightly marred towards the end, with both Angus Davidson and Daniel Pratt going off injured and we hope that they both recover well.

The Citizens were really paced by another incredible shooting display from Laura de Nooij in this one, scoring 8 goals and finishing the day with 15 in total. Thanks must go to Calum Lindsay too, after he stepped in to referee the match at short notice.

The win for Mavericks confirms them as champions of SKL1 for another season with 2 games left to play and it’s been deserved after another dominant campaign. City will get another chance to test themselves against Mavs on the league final day on April 13th.

Scorers: Laura de Nooij (8), Michael Garbutt (1), David Ewing (3)

MVP: Laura de Nooij


Our 2s and 3s were in action too, with both teams travelling to Dundee to take on their 2s.


Edinburgh City 3 (6) v (6) Dundee 2

The first matchup was City 3 taking on the hosts and it saw old favourite Graham Robertson pulling on a City top again after his recent transfer and a debut for John McDowell as well.

The 3s got off to a strong start, getting out to a 4-1 lead at half time, with Lauren Kelly looking dangerous in attack and bagging a couple of goals, but unfortunately they couldn’t hold Dundee out for long, conceding in the dying moments of the game to come away with a point each.

Scorers: Jess Nelmes (1), Lauren Kelly (2), Ailith Ewing (1), Lee Goossens (1), Graham Robertson (1)

MVP: Lauren Kelly


Edinburgh City 2 (19) v (4) City 3

The final grudge (in the friendliest way) match of the season saw the 2s come out on top against the 3s again but there was some great korfball on display. John McDowell and Jeremy Lau scored their first goals for the club, whilst Graham Robertson and Bob Mather provided the structure for the 3s.

The 2s were just too strong though and all of the team managed to score at least a couple of goals, showing the real all-round strength that they’ve developed recently. Andrew Goode and Graham Robertson picked up the MVP awards in this match, showing that a good old-fashioned rebounding performance is still appreciated in the league!

Scorers: Rob Stone (2), Jess Nelmes (2), Andrew Goode (4), Andrea Kinver (4), Chris Horsley (3), Laura Powell (2), Ailith Ewing (2)

Lee Goossens (1), Graham Robertson (1), Jeremy Lau (1), John McDowell (1)

MVPs: Graham Robertson, Andrew Goode


Edinburgh City 2 (14) v (10) Dundee 2

The final match of the day saw the 2s put in a more comfortable performance than the scoreline might suggest. Another great team effort saw the goals spread around the team with Jess Nelmes grabbing another couple of goals for her season tally and showing she’s turning in to a real threat on both ends of the court.

Andrea Kinver picked up the MVP award in the match and along with Ailith Ewing and Rob Stone the scoreboard was steadily ticking along with hat-tricks for all three players.

The results mean that Edinburgh City 2 have pulled ahead of Edinburgh University 2 and will take 2nd place in SKL2 on finals day Saturday 13th April! Only finishing behind an impressive Strathclyde 1 team is a great result for the 2s as they’ve been building steadily throughout the season.

Scorers: Rob Stone (3), Jess Nelmes (2), Andrea Kinver (3), Chris Horsley (1), Laura Powell (2), Ailith Ewing (3)

MVP: Andrea Kinver

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