Dimitrios becomes the latest Citizen!

After hosting our Beginner Session at the start of the month, we have had some new members joining the ranks and we will be catching up with them over the coming weeks to introduce them!


Our first new member is Dimitrios Kalentakis who has dived right in to korfball and, having turned up to his first training session last week, has already played in his first korfball matches!

Dimitrios has settled right in to the club already and brings a great deal of enthusiasm with him to training sessions.


We caught up with him this week to find out how he was finding things and how he found his way to korfball…


Hi Dimitrios, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Our readers are always keen to find out more from our Citizens! Firstly, how did you find out about korfball and what tempted you to give it a try?

“I was looking for an activity to keep me fit and I was basically really bored with going to the gym. So one day I decided to have a look on the web to see what kind of sports activities you can do in Edinburgh.

I found a taster session for Korfball at Eventbrite and that’s how everything began. I have to admit that I had to Google it to find out what Korfball is! I found Korfball on YouTube and from watching some videos I was really excited about the sport.

I really enjoyed the fact that is mixed gender and that it has many similarities with basketball (one of my favourite sports). Unfortunately I couldn’t make the taster session but Dan (Head Coach of Edinburgh City) got in touch with me and let me know about the training sessions and I wanted to give it a go.”


Well we are delighted you managed to find us! You mentioned that basketball is one of your favourite sports, have you tried out many other sports before?

“I used to play football and basketball with my friends when I was back in Greece but that was many years ago.”


What have your first impressions of korfball and of Edinburgh City been?

Everyone in the club is very welcome, supportive and helpful. Edinburgh City is a very organised korfball club and one of the favourites to win the Scottish league. (We promise we didn’t prompt this answer!)

From the few training sessions I have attended so far, I see the team has a lot of quality players and experienced coaches and it’s always a pleasure for me to train alongside these people.

(Clearly Dimitrios knows that flattery will get you everywhere!)


It’s great to hear that your first impressions were so positive. Is there anything in particular that got you coming back to training?

I’m very competitive as a person and I want to improve my korfball skills, take part in league games and help the team to achieve our goals for this season.


Well we certainly can’t wait for the season to start either! Is there anything that you are looking forward to as an individual this year?

I’m definitely looking forward to our first matches. I had the chance to take part in the Mavericks tournament at the weekend and I really enjoyed it. Getting fitter is always the plan but I think I would definitely achieve that as I already see a lot of progress from the few training sessions I had so far.


Well thank you very much for your time Dimitrios, we’ll let you get off and look forward to seeing you at training again tomorrow!


If you would like to join Dimitrios in trying out korfball with Edinburgh City we are always happy to welcome new players throughout the season and you can find all the information on our training schedule here!

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