Emma Steel becomes a Citizen!

We are continuing our series of interviews with our newest members by sitting down with Emma Steel to find out how she’s getting on as a Citizen.


We caught up with Emma after training this week to find out how she’s getting on now that we’ve had some friendly matches and a few training sessions.


Hi Emma, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us. Our readers are always keen to find out more from our Citizens! Firstly, how did you find out about korfball and what tempted you to give it a try?

Having recently moved to Edinburgh, I had planned on joining a netball club at the beginning of the new season as I was keen to get more active. I was chatting to an ECKC Citizen about my plan, and that’s when I heard all about Korfball. I thought it would be fun to try out something new, and here I am!


Well we’ll make sure that Citizen gets a nice reward! You mentioned you were looking for a netball club, have you tried many sports before korfball?

I’ve always loved playing team sports and I’m a little (very) competitive – I played netball for 5 years at Aberdeen Uni. Having graduated in 2016 it was about time to get back into being sporty!


What have your first impressions of korfball and of Edinburgh City been?

Everyone was really welcoming and helpful at the beginner session, which gave a really good first impression of the ethos of the club.

I first thought korfball was really similar to netball. Having played for a few weeks now, I realise they are actually really different, and korfball feels a bit more technical.


It’s great to hear that your first impressions were so positive. Is there anything in particular that got you coming back to training?

Everyone probably says this, but I’m going to say it anyway – the people. Why wouldn’t you want to spend your evening running around with a fun, friendly, sweaty bunch? Training sessions are well organised and very productive with the coaches always keen to give you individual pointers – being a total beginner I find this really helpful & encouraging.


We’re glad to hear you’ve been made to feel welcome! Is there anything that you are looking forward to as an individual this year?

I’m really looking forward to playing competitively – I had my first taste of this at the friendly matches last week and loved it. Also looking forward to the socials because… who doesn’t?


We can’t wait to get the season started either, thanks for your time Emma and we’ll see you soon at training and for our weekly socials at 56 North!


If you would like to join Emma in trying out korfball with Edinburgh City we are always happy to welcome new players throughout the season and you can find all the information on our training schedule here!

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