Edinburgh City 3 kick off the 2019/20 season with a win!

Edinburgh City got their season underway at the weekend, with our 3rd team taking on teams from Dundee and Edinburgh University.

The weekend’s matches saw competitive debuts for 3 of our new recruits with Dimitris Kalentakis, Emma Steel and Matthew Cook all featuring in the league for the first time!


Dundee Dolphins (5) v Edinburgh City 3 (8)

The first of two matches was against Dundee, who lined up with a mix of young and old and put up a feisty effort. Our Citizens got off to a great start with Emma scoring the first goal of the game and in the opening stages it was a tight matchup with the scores 2-2 after 10 minutes gone.

Approaching the break City were able to squeeze into a lead at 5-3 going into half time, with an important goal from Craig Salkeld pushing the team on during a pivotal period of the match.

After half-time City were a little more relaxed and were able to score at the right moments whilst making sure their defensive work remained strong. Lauren Kelly in particular was effective at both ends of the court, scoring and getting some defended calls and interceptions.

The team managed to cruise to a victory in the end and it was a great start to the season, both for the team and for everyone getting their first games of the new campaign under their belt.

Scorers: Craig Salkeld (2), Emma Steel (1), Lauren Kelly (1), Graham Robertson (1), Sam Stevenson (1), Alex Johnston (1)


Edinburgh City 3 (5) v Edinburgh University 2 (7)

The second match of the day was against a university side featuring lots of fresh recruits who were full of energy! Comparatively, City got off to a bit of a slow start and found themselves 4-1 down quite quickly.

They soon started to click though, with Alex Johnston and Sam Stevenson providing a strong rebounding presence and debutant Dimitris was very effective in the assist role. This provided Lauren Halkerston with the chance to attack against her defender and she looked in confident mood, eventually scoring to get the scoreboard ticking for City.

Laura Powell helped out with a goal and Lauren Kelly scored her 2nd in two matches before Dimitris scored his first goal! The team was building into the game nicely but unfortunately time was against them, a couple of missed penalties may have changed the game but it was a solid effort across both matches and the team can be rightfully proud of a great start to the new season!

Scorers: Lauren Kelly (1), Laura Powell (1), Lauren Halkerston (1), Alex Johnston (1), Dimitris Kalentakis (1)

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