Edinburgh City 1 top the early season table

The 1st team was at home this weekend taking on newly promoted Strathclyde and a tricky test against Mavericks 2. With the opportunity to spend some time at the top of the table with two wins, our Citizens performed well in attack and defence to make sure that they maintain their perfect start to the season’s campaign.


Edinburgh City 1 (21) v (10) Strathclyde 1

The match started out with City finding the basket with regularity, this was Strathclyde’s first match of the season and City took advantage to get off to a blistering start. Goals from David Ewing and a couple from the penalty spot from Dan Pratt saw the hosts go up by 4 and it was a lead that City never looked like letting slip. Some sharp shooting from Dave and Ella Paul really helped to pace the attack and defensively we were causing lots of problems for Strathclyde.

Half time saw the introduction of Heather Mackintosh who overpowered her opposition on both ends of the court, winning lots of interceptions and scoring 4 goals herself. City’s girls looked like the danger players all game and their constant drives at the basket brought goals and penalties to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

A slight lack of focus towards the end of the game saw Strathclyde get into their stride and the visitors showed flashes of the goal scoring instincts that saw them promoted last year. But it was too little too late as City ran out comfortable winners in this clash.


Scorers: David Ewing (5), Ella Paul (4), Heather Mackintosh (4), Dan Pratt (3), Katrina Caldwell (2), Andrea Kinver (1), Andrew Goode (1), Emma Cottell (1)

MVP: Ella Paul


Edinburgh City 1 (20) v (10) Edinburgh Mavericks 2

The second match of the day saw City take on cross-town rivals Mavericks in a battle that would see the winner go top of the early season table, although both teams have played more matches than those who are on their tails.

The matchup was similar to the last time these two teams met, with the teams going toe to toe before City settled into a rhythm and pulled away before half time. In his season debut, Dave made sure he was putting himself in the golden-korf contest once again, grabbing himself 13 goals on his own personal ‘Super Saturday’.

The match saw an intriguing matchup between Dan Pratt and Ross McGuinness in what promised to be a battle of the big-men. Walking off with 5 goals and the MVP nod, the wily experience of Dan overcame his athletic disadvantages to take this one but there looks to be many closely fought battles between these two in the season ahead.

Another great defensive display really underpinned an all-round performance that will give City some confidence for tougher weekends ahead. But they can go into the international break top of the table and in very fine spirits!

Scorers: David Ewing (8), Dan Pratt (5), Andrea Kinver (2), Ella Paul (2), Heather Mackintosh (1), Katrina Caldwell (1), Michael Garbutt (1)

MVP: Dan Pratt

All 3 teams in action! Match reports: 24-03-19

We’re bringing you a roundup of the weekend’s games with all 3 teams in action on Sunday it was a busy day for the club.


The 1s had a short trip to QMU in an all-Edinburgh clash, with league leaders Mavericks and Edinburgh University being the opposition.


Edinburgh City 1 (36) v (3) Edinburgh University 1

The first match of the day was against the University team and after a bit of a slow scoring start, City really put on a show. Ella Paul and Laura de Nooij really clicked, scoring 7 goals each and were always dangerous. Down the other end, Dave Ewing was breaking records again, scoring a massive 12 goals! The fine shooting display marks a new high in SKA history and he’s certainly living up to the “Shooter Dave” moniker he earned in his Saints days.

The 36-3 result also broke a couple of records for City, being the highest ever margin of victory (33) and the highest ever goal tally (36), so it really was a complete team performance. Clive Minshull also put in a real shift, playing just the second half he managed a huge 27 rebounds and a City record 10 assists!

Scorers: Laura de Nooij (7), Ella Paul (7), David Ewing (12), Daniel Pratt (4), Heather Mackintosh (3), Jacky Mo (2), Emma Cottell (1)

MVP: David Ewing


Edinburgh City 1 (12) v (24) Edinburgh Mavericks 1

Taking on the defending champions and current league-leaders was not going to be an easy task but the City 1s were hoping to put on a better showing than the last time the teams met (a 21-9 loss).

Mavericks started out well, creating chances with their rapid ball movement but City were able to stay with them after earning and scoring penalties in both sections to leave the scores at 3-5 after the opening 10 minutes. However, Mavs showed just why they are running away with the league again this season with some slick passing and precise shooting and pulled away to a 5-12 lead at half time.

The second half was a similar affair to the first, with City showing good signs in attack but Mavericks being far more consistent. The game was slightly marred towards the end, with both Angus Davidson and Daniel Pratt going off injured and we hope that they both recover well.

The Citizens were really paced by another incredible shooting display from Laura de Nooij in this one, scoring 8 goals and finishing the day with 15 in total. Thanks must go to Calum Lindsay too, after he stepped in to referee the match at short notice.

The win for Mavericks confirms them as champions of SKL1 for another season with 2 games left to play and it’s been deserved after another dominant campaign. City will get another chance to test themselves against Mavs on the league final day on April 13th.

Scorers: Laura de Nooij (8), Michael Garbutt (1), David Ewing (3)

MVP: Laura de Nooij


Our 2s and 3s were in action too, with both teams travelling to Dundee to take on their 2s.


Edinburgh City 3 (6) v (6) Dundee 2

The first matchup was City 3 taking on the hosts and it saw old favourite Graham Robertson pulling on a City top again after his recent transfer and a debut for John McDowell as well.

The 3s got off to a strong start, getting out to a 4-1 lead at half time, with Lauren Kelly looking dangerous in attack and bagging a couple of goals, but unfortunately they couldn’t hold Dundee out for long, conceding in the dying moments of the game to come away with a point each.

Scorers: Jess Nelmes (1), Lauren Kelly (2), Ailith Ewing (1), Lee Goossens (1), Graham Robertson (1)

MVP: Lauren Kelly


Edinburgh City 2 (19) v (4) City 3

The final grudge (in the friendliest way) match of the season saw the 2s come out on top against the 3s again but there was some great korfball on display. John McDowell and Jeremy Lau scored their first goals for the club, whilst Graham Robertson and Bob Mather provided the structure for the 3s.

The 2s were just too strong though and all of the team managed to score at least a couple of goals, showing the real all-round strength that they’ve developed recently. Andrew Goode and Graham Robertson picked up the MVP awards in this match, showing that a good old-fashioned rebounding performance is still appreciated in the league!

Scorers: Rob Stone (2), Jess Nelmes (2), Andrew Goode (4), Andrea Kinver (4), Chris Horsley (3), Laura Powell (2), Ailith Ewing (2)

Lee Goossens (1), Graham Robertson (1), Jeremy Lau (1), John McDowell (1)

MVPs: Graham Robertson, Andrew Goode


Edinburgh City 2 (14) v (10) Dundee 2

The final match of the day saw the 2s put in a more comfortable performance than the scoreline might suggest. Another great team effort saw the goals spread around the team with Jess Nelmes grabbing another couple of goals for her season tally and showing she’s turning in to a real threat on both ends of the court.

Andrea Kinver picked up the MVP award in the match and along with Ailith Ewing and Rob Stone the scoreboard was steadily ticking along with hat-tricks for all three players.

The results mean that Edinburgh City 2 have pulled ahead of Edinburgh University 2 and will take 2nd place in SKL2 on finals day Saturday 13th April! Only finishing behind an impressive Strathclyde 1 team is a great result for the 2s as they’ve been building steadily throughout the season.

Scorers: Rob Stone (3), Jess Nelmes (2), Andrea Kinver (3), Chris Horsley (1), Laura Powell (2), Ailith Ewing (3)

MVP: Andrea Kinver

Seconds secure first win

Edinburgh City 2 (8) vs Edinburgh University 2 (11)

City 2 took the short trip down to St Leonards to take on Edinburgh University 2 & 3 in an all-Edinburgh clash. The match started slowly for both teams but once the first goal went in, there was a real back and forth battle between the two sides.

The young university side got out to a 2-5 lead but by half time it was all square at 6-6 thanks to a couple of goals each from Finlay Hannah and Naobh O’Donoghue. After the break it was City who scored first with the captain leading the way, Chris Horsley added another to stop the Uni momentum after they scored 3 in a row but with the score at 8-9 it was Edinburgh University who closed the game out strongest with the impressive Frances Waterfall scoring the final goal for Uni.

Players (goals):  Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver, Chris Horsley (3), Finlay Hannah (2), Kitty Dutton, Lauren Halkerston, Michael Garbutt (1), Naobh O’Donoghue (2), Pip Hardy, Simon Vandeiken, Rob Stone, Vivek Santayana.

MVP: Chris Horsley

Edinburgh City 2 (7) vs Edinburgh University 3 (2)

Coach Christie Smillie asked the players to work on their movement and focus on passing as these really held us back in the first match.

The message was slow to sink in though and the first half was really a struggle for both teams. It took until the end of the half for either team to register a goal, with a late Uni penalty and a Lauren Halkerston drop off shot managing to give the scoreboard operator something to do.

The second half saw a lot of improvement, with plenty of Citizens getting on the scoresheet and a far more team-minded approach than had been shown previously. City managed to press ahead into a 6-1 lead before the students scored again. With the match winding down, Vivek Santayana who was making his 2nd team debut popped up in space to score a well deserved goal to end the game at 7-2.

All together not the most convincing display from the team, but the first win of the season will provide a good platform for the players to build from.

Players (goals):  Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver (1), Chris Horsley (1), Finlay Hannah (1), Kitty Dutton (1), Lauren Halkerston (1), Michael Garbutt, Naobh O’Donoghue, Pip Hardy, Simon Vandeiken, Rob Stone (1), Vivek Santayana (1).

MVP: Simon Vandeiken

First win for City 3!

Edinburgh City 3 (9) vs Saint Andrew’s University 2 (0)

The third team got off to a great start on Sunday against Saints 2. An early goal from Alex Johnston put City in the lead, with three more goals secured by half time. In defence, City were strong, keeping the half time score to 4-0.

The second half saw defence staying strong, and lots of shots being put up. Great rebounding meant another five goals were scored, leaving the final score 9-0, and City 3 securing their first win of the season.

Players (goals): Alex Johnston (2), Alex Foster, Chris Brown (1), Craig Salkeld (1), Craig Stephen (2), Kitty Dutton (1), Lauren Kelly (1), Maria Hantova (1), Rachel Simpson

MVP: Craig Stephen

Edinburgh City 3 (4) vs Strathclyde (14)

The second match of the afternoon was expected to be a tough one with Strathclyde coming off a strong win against Saint Andrew’s University 2.

Alex Johnston scored an early penalty to give City the lead, however two goals from Strathclyde followed shortly. A couple of long shots from Kitty Dutton and Craig Stephen meant the half time score was 5-3 to Strathclyde.

Unfortunately, Strathclyde got into their stride after half time and, despite best efforts in defence, scored another 9 goals. A goal from Kitty Dutton left the final score at 14-4 to Strathclyde.

Players (goals): Alex Johnston (1), Alex Foster, Chris Brown, Craig Salkeld, Craig Stephen (1), Kitty Dutton (2), Lauren Kelly, Maria Hantova, Rachel Simpson

MVP: Alex Johnston

City 1 get things rolling with a pair of wins

Edinburgh City 1 (13) vs (7) Edinburgh Mavericks 2

The season for Edinburgh City began on Saturday, with the 1st team facing off against Edinburgh Mavericks 2. The side had been preparing for many weeks for this moment and were keen to get underway.

There was a first SKL1 start for Jacky Mo who celebrated with his first goal for the 1st team too. A slow start to the game with perhaps some signs of nerves meant that the sides went into half-time level at 4-4

The second half saw the Citizens play a more fluid game, with Finlay Hannah playing his role with great effect. Slowly City edged ahead and were able to see the game out comfortably in the end.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver (1), Clive Minshull (3), Dan Pratt (2), Dave Ewing (4), Emma Cottell (1), Finlay Hannah (1), Heather Mackintosh, Jacky Mo (1), Katrina Caldwell.

MVP: Dave Ewing


Edinburgh City 1 (14) vs (11) Edinburgh University 1

The second fixture was a bit of a bruising encounter with a young, hungry Edinburgh University side. City started out strong, gliding to a 5-1 advantage but then tensed up and allowed the opposition to climb their way back into the game with the half time score favouring Edinburgh University 5-6.

The second half started out much the same as the first had, with it being tense and hard-fought. But despite finding themselves a couple of goals down, Dave Ewing put on his shooting boots and dug the team out of trouble finishing with a game-high 8 goals to ensure that Edinburgh City 1 started the season with all 4 points.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Andrea Kinver, Clive Minshull (1), Dan Pratt (2), Dave Ewing (8), Emma Cottell (2), Finlay Hannah, Heather Mackintosh, Jacky Mo, Katrina Caldwell (1).

MVP: Dave Ewing

A tough start for City 2

Edinburgh City 2 (11) vs (16) Glasgow 2

A bit of a miscommunication meant that Edinburgh City 2 only had 3 girls make it to Glasgow for the opening weekend. Playing with a division of 3 was always going to be a tough ask against what will likely be two of the top teams in SKL2 this season.

The team made a great start to the game, coming back from 2-0 down to lead 4-2 with a couple of goals each from Chris Horsley and Ailith Ewing. But Glasgow 2 started to make the pressure pay, Fraser Brown making his Glasgow debut managed to get a hat-trick and Pat Merton a regular in Glasgow’s first team caused plenty of problems for the defence.

The match was a very back and forth affair with lots of goals traded but the match ended 16-11 to the hosts. Unfortunately the match was interrupted with an injury to Bob McKinley and Edinburgh City wishes him a speedy recovery.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing (2), Alex Johnston, Andrew Goode, Anna Stewart (2), Bob Mather, Chris Horsley (3), Katrina Caldwell (2), Lee Brodie (1), Michael Garbutt (1)

MVP: Katrina Caldwell


Edinburgh City 2 (5) vs (21) Strathclyde University 1

The second match of the afternoon was a tough affair, going into a back-to-back match shorthanded was never going to be easy but the Strathclyde side were looking in great form and really found their scoring areas well.

The match again started brightly with a few early goals, but tiredness very quickly set in and Strathclyde were able to pull away to a comfortable lead at half-time. Unfortunately for City, we lost another girl shortly into the second half with Anna Stewart going down with a bad ankle injury which we hope doesn’t keep her out for too long.

With 6 players City just couldn’t contain Strathclyde and they pulled away, led by a huge 9 goals from Ross McGuinness. The final score finishing 21-5, some key areas to improve on for City, but a good platform to build from and the Citizens will be hoping to fair better in the rematch later on in the season.

Players (Goals): Ailith Ewing, Alex Johnston (1), Andrew Goode, Anna Stewart (2), Bob Mather (2), Chris Horsley, Katrina Caldwell, Lee Brodie, Michael Garbutt

MVP: Katrina Caldwell


Edinburgh City 3 play inaugural matches

Edinburgh City 3 (3) – (8) Dundee 3

This weekend saw the debut of Edinburgh City’s 3rd team! An historic fixture in the SKL2, with it being the first ever match featuring all 3rd teams as City took on Dundee and Edinburgh University’s equivalents.

Dundee featuring a real blend of youth and experience really impressed in this game finishing 8-3 winners but for City the most important result was a full set of smiles after the match.

Chris Brown, Craig Salkeld, Maria Hantova and Rachel Simpson were all playing in their first korfball matches whilst Naobh O’Donaghue and Vivek Santayana were making their debuts for City after summer transfers. The standout player though was Lauren Halkerston who bagged all 3 of City’s goals.

Players (Goals): Chris Brown, Craig Salkeld, Lauren Halkerston (3), Maria Hantova, Naobh O’Donaghue, Rachel Simpson, Rob Harding, Vivek Santayana

MVP: Lauren Halkerston

Edinburgh City 3 (6) – (10) Edinburgh University 3

The second match of the day was against our cross-town University friends. The match was dominated by Orla Menzies who scored 3 and Theo Higham who went one better and finished with 4 for the match.

City built on their previous match experience and found the basket more regularly, with debutant Chris Brown grabbing a hat-trick. Vivek Santayana was singled out for praise by our new assistant coach Christie Smillie who appreciated his leadership as captain and scored his first goal as a Citizen.

The whole squad really improved throughout the day and the team will be looking forward to getting back to training this week and continuing their great development so far.

Players (Goals): Chris Brown (3), Craig Salkeld, Lauren Halkerston, Maria Hantova (1), Naobh O’Donaghue (1), Rachel Simpson, Rob Harding (1), Vivek Santayana (1)

MVP: Vivek Santayana

Two tough matches for City 2

On Sunday 1 April 2018 Edinburgh City second team had their penultimate match
day in SKL Division 2 2017-2018. Both matches were expected to be challenging
given the Glasgow are undefeated in SKL Div 2 and Edinbugh Uni two are a Uni
team at the peak of their abilities, having recently returned from BUCS.

Edinburgh City 2 5 – 13 Edinburgh Uni 2
Undeterred the team took on Edinburgh Uni two in the first match, in-spite of an early
loss of three goals the club did keep up their challenge and the end of the first half
ended up closer, whilst the second half saw them scoring more goals and conceding
fewer. Unfortunately it was not enough to catch their opponents.

Goals: Chris (2), Lee, Jacky, Natalie

MVP: Chris

Edinburgh City 2 8 – 28 Glasgow 2
The second match did not start well for city, again going a number of goals down
many of which from penalties. The team battled on however and did put in a
respectable number of goals from runners and long shots across the team. Although
special mention to Andrew who made his SKL debut at the matches and scored
against Glasgow.

Goals: Chris (2), Simon (2), Lee, Lauren, Ella, Andrew

MVP: Chris
Ultimately city made a good account of themselves against arguably the two best
teams in the Division, which should see them playing confidently at the SKL finals
weekend 7 April 2018

City 1 move to second in the table

Edinburgh City were back in action against Edinburgh Mavericks 2 & Dundee 1. The previous two meeting against the Mavericks have seen close contests and it was expected to be another battle to secure the points, but battle they did and the Citizens came up with 2 great wins to move up to 2nd in the SKL1 league table.

Edinburgh City 1 (12-10) Edinburgh Mavericks 2

After close results against this team at the last two attempts, this one was no different. The citizens pulled back a deficit in the last 10 minutes, scoring 5 out of the last 6 goals to grab the win.

The game started with goals being traded between the sides. City scored 3 goals early on only to be pegged back each time. It was Mavs who created some space first, pulling away to a 4-6 lead with back-to-back goals from Jean Fourie. But the Citizens remained in the game with a couple of goals from Andrea Kinver sandwiching a difficult running-in shot from Dan Pratt.

With Mavs maintaining their 2 goal cushion with a smart drop-off shot from match MVP Jena Connolly and only 10 minutes remaining, the Citizens could have been forgiven for getting nervous but a Heather Mackintosh goal forced Mavs to blink first as they called a time-out to calm things down. The break gave the squad a chance to talk things over and the game plan was to take more shooting opportunities on the move. Straight from the restart City executed perfectly and Katrina Caldwell scored a great shot moving away to the right to give the home side their first 2 goal cushion of the game.

It was the catalyst needed to close the game out as only a late consolation goal from Owen Shea troubled the away team’s scoreboard after the decisive time-out. The whole squad showed great patience and confidence coming from behind to win.

 Scorers: Clive Minshull (3), Dan Pratt, Andrea Kinver, Katrina Caldwell (2), John Bagnall, Ailith Ewing, Michael Garbutt (1)

MVP: Emma Cottell

Edinburgh City 1 (11-4) Dundee 1

The second of two matches was a less dramatic affair, with City coming out comfortable winners to end the weekend’s fixtures 2nd in the league.

A very cagey first half started with Dundee opening the scoring, but a couple of quick goals from Dan pushed City ahead before former Citizen Stella McNulty replied for the visitors. A couple of goals from Clive Minshull before the break left the scores at 5-2, which despite the amount of possession City had enjoyed was probably a fair reflection of the game so far.

In the second half, City began to find their feet and pulled away. Graham Robertson, another former Citizen joined Stella on the scoresheet for Dundee but a second-half hattrick from John Bagnall was more than enough to see of the challenge.

Scorers: Clive Minshull, John Bagnall (3), Dan Pratt (2), Elly Gaunt, Michael Garbutt, Heather Mackintosh (1)

MVP: Elly Gaunt